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Chamfering Machines

Chamfering machine MF2370E ∙ 2300 W

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€899.00 + VAT

Chamfering machine MF1225RE 45°∙ 1250 W

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€499.00 + VAT


Shape the edges of your treated surfaces exactly to your needs! Welders, toolmakers, and metal designers are invited to get to know Perles chamfering machines.

With them, you will easily cut both linear and circular edges of steel parts, properly prepare the edges before welding, and above all, they are ideal for preparing the edge joint. With the right selection of cutting inserts, Perles milling cutters will also enable you to cope with stainless steel, tool steel and non-ferrous metals.

You will not get tired when working with Perles chamfering machines due to their specially adapted ergonomic shape. Adjusting the depth of the chamfering is easy, without the need to use additional tools. It is also easy to replace milling inserts, which can be used on all four sides, for milling up to 400m in length.

Steel milling gears will ensure that the work with chamfering machines is pleasant, ensuring quiet operation of the machine and its long service life even in the most difficult working conditions. So if you opt for one of two models made by Perles, be sure that this is a long-time milling cutter.