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Circular Saw

Circular Saw KS51

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Saw Blade*153 WIDIA Z24

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Saw Blade*153 WIDIA Z12

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The Perles circular saw is ideal for the fast longitudinal and transverse cutting of wood, gypsum boards, plastics and soft metals. It was originally designed for avid tool users, but due to its light weight and convenience, it is also extremely popular among professional installers.

Today, the KS 51 circular saw is one of the main tools that carpenters use on construction sites. 

It is distinguished by an extremely long service life. The Perles circular saw is robust in construction, the blade guards and the table are made of solid aluminium alloy, while the actuator motor is also powerful.

On the other hand, it is very easy to use. In fact, all adjustment levers and screws are sufficiently large and, as such, allow a firm attachment to maintain precise settings. In addition to ergonomic handles, the KS 51 circular saw has many other advantages that will allow you to operate the tool optimally. The rigid aluminium guide plate ensures precise guidance, the integrated suction connection with an opening is designed for clear cutting, and you can use the depth and angle settings to easily adapt to different cutting challenges.

If you want a quality and durable circular saw, developed and manufactured in Slovenia, the European Union, in accordance with the principles of the circular economy, the KS 51 is the right choice.