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Plunge Router NR 308VS EU ∙ 850W

In stock
€240.00 + VAT

Plunge Router NR 308VS GB ∙ 850W

In stock
€220.00 + VAT

Plunge Router NR 310IVS CH ∙ 1000W

In stock
€265.00 + VAT

Plunge Router NR 310IVS EU ∙ 1000W

In stock
€265.00 + VAT

Plunge Router NR 913I EU ∙ 1300W

In stock
€300.00 + VAT


Woodworking is one of those crafts where, when it takes hold of you, you really indulge in it. Would you agree? We at Perles have paid particular attention in the development of plunge routers to the challenges users face in woodworking and have designed three excellent tools for all passionate enthusiasts and professionals, ranging from carpenters, builders and musical instrument makers, to boat and other wooden craft manufacturers. 

The Perles plunge routers are an excellent choice for milling stencils, contours, circles and grooves, for making finishing slats and slats for picture frames, for engraving inscriptions, as well as for processing plastics. They are distinguished by their ergonomic design, rigid construction and ease of use. The most popular models are the speed controlled small-scale plunger router, and the medium-scale plunge router that is popularly known as a “toy” for exclusively very demanding users. 

The medium-sized 1,300W plunger router has a convenient fine depth adjustment attachment that enables the extremely precise surface milling of wood, plastics and aluminium and is easier to adjust. Currently, both of these Perles plunger routers are the most sought after among future owners of prefabricated houses, who make construction cheaper by milling grooves and other unprocessed beam treatment. 

As a sustainability-oriented manufacturer of power tools for professional users, we develop technological solutions that reduce the negative impact on our environment, and we are committed to continuing the rich tradition of knowledge of Slovenian wood crafts.