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Impact Drill PSB9D 1213 ∙ 1200W ∙ 13 mm Back

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Impact Drill PSB9D 1213 ∙ 1200W ∙ 13 mm
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€250.00 + VAT


Največja dovoljena količina za ta izdelek je 100.

An impact drill is a tool for drilling holes in solid materials such as concrete, brick, stone, metal, wood and other materials. Its main function is to penetrate a hard surface and create a hole with the help of the pulses of the drilling mechanism.

The Impact Drill PSB9D 1213 is an exceptional tool designed for precision and efficiency in tough environments. Ideal for stone carving, construction, electricity installation, and plumbing, this drill offers versatility across a wide range of materials including concrete, masonry, and bricks. With a powerful 1200W motor, safety clutch, and robust metal case, it stands out as a reliable choice for professional craftsmen.

Key Features:

  • Extremely fast and accurate drilling in various building materials, enhancing productivity.
  • Spindle lock allows for quick accessory changes, making it adaptable for different tasks.
  • Comfort is prioritized with an ergonomically designed “D” handle and optionally adjustable front handle.
  • Electronic soft start and a lock-on button for continuous operation without strain.
  • Speed selection capability with two modes: low speed for precise screw driving and high speed for efficient drilling.


  • Powerful: 1200W motor ensures high performance.
  • Versatile: Suitable for multiple applications from impact to drill tasks in stone, metal, and wood.
  • Durable: Comes in a protective metal case with a robust design for long-term use.
  • Safe: Features like left-right rotation and a safety clutch enhance operational safety.

Enhance your project capabilities with the Impact Drill PSB9D 1213, a top choice among impact driver drills. Whether you’re a professional needing a dependable drill and impact driver or a versatile impact driver drill, this tool is built to deliver superior results.

User manual

Rated Power 1,200 W
Cable EU
Weight 3.4 kg
Shipping Weight 6 kg
Safety clutch Yes
Left-right rotation Yes
Drill chuck 13 mm
No-load Speed (min) 1,100 rpm
No-load Speed (max) 2,100 rpm
Number of impacts 1st gear 20.9 1/min
Number of impacts 2nd gear 39.9 1/min
Drilling capacities- steel 16 mm
Max torque 1st gear 69.8 Nm
Max torque 2nd gear 34.3 Nm
Drilling capacities - concrete 35 mm
Drilling capacities - wood 50 mm
Packaging metal case